Chair Frame Colors

Church Chair frames are finished with a scratch resistance powder coating.

What are powder coatings? Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly polymer based coating similar in structure to plastic. Essentially, the powder coating process melts and fuses a plastic-like protective layer around the chair frame.

The high heat fusion process produces a coating that has excellent hardness, chip resistance and corrosion resistance while maintaining the aesthetic appearances available in liquid paint. You will find powder coatings in use on many industrial and commercial products such as lawn mowers, appliances, baseball bats, outdoor furniture and store shelving.

Epoxy powder coatings are the coating of choice for the ever durable "Tonka Truck" as well as the anti-chip primer used on car and truck bodies. We have two powder coating paint systems in our Rome facility. This allows us to meet your color needs. We can create designer colors as well as color matching with carpet and/or fabric.  If you are looking for a custom color you may see additional color samples from Alesta here.

Standard Finishes


Custom Finishes


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