How Long until We Receive Our Chairs?

Many factors enter into the equation for an answer to the question “When will we get our chairs?

Lead time is the time between when you place your order and the time the chairs are manufactured. Lead time is determined by the total amount of chair orders on the production list at the time of your order and receipt of the raw materials, fabric, foam, etc., to produce orders and the seasonal weather conditions affecting our trucks delivering the orders.

East Coast Lead Time: 4 - 8 Weeks

West Coast Lead Time: 8 - 12 Weeks

The lead time may certainly change before we receive your down payment by mail.

Upon receipt of your down payment, your order will then be placed in line with other customers to have your production time slot saved. This allows time for materials to be ordered and arrive concurrently with the production schedule. Some determining factors may be custom frame colors and wood stains or fabric availability which allow extra time; some fabrics are in stock while others are on a production schedule.



Factors that can affect your order.

Order Confirmation

Once we receive your check, we confirm your order. Another associate will contact you within 24 hours to confirm all of your order's details to ensure no mistakes were made. Not completing this step, it may delay your order.

Current orders versus rush orders

Your order will be placed in line with other current orders unless you have been designated as a rush order which has to be approved by management.

Fabric availability

can be determined by requesting a fabric status from your sales person at the time you are placing your order. This can change daily and will have a direct bearing on the production and delivery of your order.

Build time

is determined by our production schedule and supply chain. Many times an order is manufactured and shipped the same day. We proudly use lean manufacturing techniques.

Natural disasters

such as hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters cause havoc in the supply availability of our materials and result in delayed production and delivery of orders.

What happens if any damage has occurred on delivered chairs?

Upon receipt of your shipped chairs, we request that you inspect them and contact us in the event any damage has occurred during shipment. We guarantee that our chairs will arrive in 100% new condition and will replace any chair that does not meet that criteria.

The different ways we ship our orders

We primarily ship our orders by Freight and Common Carrier unless it requires a container to be shipped overseas. Our sample chairs are shipped via United Parcel Service.

Postponement of your order

results in replacement of your order in line with other customers and starts the lead time process back to the beginning.