Creating Jobs in America

We are committed to keeping jobs in our country and our community. Our plant is staffed with hard-working Americans that take pride in their work.

Quality Products - 10yr Warranty

We stand behind every component of our products with a 10 yr limited warranty ... from frames, to upholstery, to foam; just ask our many repeat customers.

Value for your Investment

We know that smart American consumers understand that value is connected to far more than just price. You may find what seems to be a similar product from china, but be sure you get what you pay for.

Committed to being green

Church Chairs of America's Green Foam provides the seating industry with a superior alternative to traditional polyurethane, fibers and synthetic fiber-fills.

Quality American Materials

We are the industry leaders in the chair manufacturing industry in the U.S.A. and for good reason: dedication and commitment to doing the absolute best that we can do in design, sales and service. 

U.S. Steel

Our chairs are built to last! We make our own frames from rolls of quality U.S. steel using our own tube manufacturing equipment.

Localy Sourced Wood

Because we are committed to being made in the USA, we purchase our wood products from local mill using sustainably grown wood.

Quality American Foam

Our Green Foam provides the durability, comfort and feel customers are accustomed to and is a tangible example of our commitment to become the leading environmentally responsible chair supplier partner.

Powder Coat Finish

Epoxy powder coatings are the coating of choice for the ever durable "Tonka Truck"  as well as the anti-chip primer used on car and truck bodies. 


Church Chair Warranties are among the best in the industry

We stand behind every component of our products ... from frames, to upholstery, to foam; just ask our many repeat customers. Each chair component has an appropriate limited warranty to be free from manufacturing defects and or materials.


Having your chairs made The American Chair Company means...


we have watched our manufacturing facilities go out of the United States of America or just completely out of business for decades now. In some cases, this process of exporting manufacturing and then importing retailing is strengthing nations that are unfriendly to us as Americans. Most certainly it is costing Americans jobs and the means of taking care of their families. We hope that our company's commitment (and success) will be a catalyst for others to do the difficult task to put Americans back to work and get products made in America back in the American market and on top of world markets!

Our Vendors

Every Component is 100% Made in the U.S.A.