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Fabric Colors

Choose a link below to start browsing for your fabric color now and feel free to request a free sample card or swatch from us! Specifications on the Duramax line can also be located below.

R&D Weaving

Duramax Card

Large Duramax Swatches

Duramax Specifications

Content: 100% Polyolefin

Backing: Acryllic

Abrasion: 250,000 Double Rubs

Lightfastness: Class 5

  • 700 hours of UV Stability
  • Chemically inert and hydrophobic
  • Will not absorb spills or stains
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Not affected by chemicals
  • Static resistant (less than 2.0 kv at 20% RH)

All Duramax raw materials and manufacturing processes are environmentally clean.